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The CSPmap is an in-game map for the popular MMORPG Anarchy Online. The two maps that come with Anarchy Online are both lacking in information and most people find it helpful to add a better map to their game. The CSPmap includes all of the information other similar third-party maps have, but also all of the game additions of the past two years and more.

Here are some of the map's features:

There are also helpfiles available that can be viewed in-game while playing Anarchy Online. These files augment the CSPmap by giving additional information on city controllers, dynacamps, and notum fields. They are also available in several different languages.


(2008-11-08) CSPmap v1.23 Released

There was a change made to Anarchy Online a short while ago that prevented many third-party maps from functioning. This new CSPmap release is essentially just a fix for that problem. If you have manually fixed your map, you don't need to worry about this update, but running the patch won't hurt anything either.

The installer also has some new features. When you install the CSPmap, it will change all user preferences to use the main CSPmap so manually changing it is no longer necessary. Also, a shortcut to the uninstaller is added into the "Anarchy Online" start menu folder (or another folder if you choose another one). The uninstaller will also change any user's preferences who are using the CSPmap to go back to the normal default map.

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Version History

CSPmap v1.23 (2008-11-08)
  • fixed problem with v1.21 not working due to update to Anarchy Online
  • French added to the installer (thanks chdoula!)

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The patch files will update already installed copies of the CSPmap (including the DNW-addon if present) from the version indicated to the latest version, so download the one appropriate to the version you currently have installed. If you're an "advanced paranoid user" and want a zip copy of the map, please go to the map zip file page.

File Description Locations Size
CSPmap_v1.23 Installer Alternate planatary map for Anarchy Online packaged in a self-installing executable. To bring up the map selector window, hit 'p' to bring up the planet map, select the 'i', then select 'Select Map'. Please see the installation instructions on this website if you are having difficulties. Download (US)
CSPmap_v1.23 DNW-addon Installer This is an add-on to CSPmap v1.23 so that you can view a Die Neue Welt version of the large map. You must have the CSPmap v1.23 installed before you can install this. Download (US)
Patch CSPmap_v1.21 to v1.23 This patch will update a properly installed version of the v1.21 CSPmap into the latest version, v1.23. Download (US)
CSPhelpfiles v1.1 A collection of files that are readable inside Anarchy Online and list all of the land control areas, dynacamps, and player cities. Please read the installation instructions if unsure about using these files. Mirror List 18KB


Here are some sampled portions of the CSPmap. Click on each to get a full-sized version.

sample of Broken Shores from CSPmap sample of Stret West Bank and Holes In The Wall from CSPmap
sample of 'cheat layer' from CSPmap sample of Coast of Tranquility and Coast of Peace from CSPmap
sample of Newland from CSPmap sample of Central Artery Valley from CSPmap
sample of Southern Artery Valley from CSPmap