Creative Student Productions


I never expected to make any money from this project, but a few people have generously contributed with a donation. This is a great way for others to help compensate me for the many hours spent making the CSPmap and to send a "thank you". The following donators are listed in reverse chronological order:

Dec 13, 2009Janet T.$3
Aug 6, 2009Ryan A.$5
May 1, 2007Niko L.$5
Apr 5, 2007Patrick T.$50"Absolutely fantastic" -Treeslayer
Dec 6, 2006Nikola N.$10
Aug 13, 2006Russell C.$2"Fantastic map, thanks!"
May 31, 2006Geoffrey J.$1"Gratz on a great map!"
May 17, 2006Frank R.$10
May 12, 2006Timo I.$5"Keep up the good work!"