Creative Student Productions

Version History Archive

CSPmap v1.21 (2006-09-07)
  • the RK2 specific map has been updated with the latest LCA changes
  • added Sarah Winter to NPC layer (thank you Zweet!)
  • improved Tir County - Greater Tir County border
  • added Finnish to the installer (thank you Mireiawen!)
  • LCA #3 in Galway Shire was partly masked by the border wall; this has been fixed by shifting the text over a little.
  • slight adjustment in CAV so fixer grid exit 8-L is easier to see
  • added veteran shop to the legend
CSPmap v1.20 (2006-06-16)
  • You can now select from RK1 and RK2 variants of the map from the map menu. This will show which LCA's are locked/opened on those dimensions. The default map, though, has all LCA's on it. The Die Neue Welt version does not come with the main map, but is available as a seperate add-on to the map (to reduce the file size).
  • Camelot Castle label added for dungeon in Avalon (thanks, ironically, to Labelslave!)
  • fixer grid exits for Galway Shire and Galway County are seperately labeled inside the fixer grid, so removed "R" and "L" designations on the map. (thanks Exxie!)
  • Recreated 4 Holes' terrain to reflect the latest changes.
  • a few minor border wall corrections
  • Addded Unionist Foreman and moved Scientist Maud Stevens
  • "Radar" in Borealis is now visible on the map and is marked as an Omni outpost
CSPhelpfiles v1.1 (2006-06-16)
  • LCA #1 in Wailing Waste has had it's range corrected to 40-90 (thanks Carjoy!)
CSPmap v1.01 (2006-06-01)
  • LCA #1 in Wailing Waste has had it's range corrected to 40-90 (thanks Carjoy!)
  • wompah icons and wompah destination arrows have been changed to reflect the new "ownership" of Borealis and 4 Holes
  • Ofoz has been moved to Newland City
  • added Cyborg Grid-Jumper, Cyborg Grid-Hacker, and Cyborg Fixer to the "cheat" layer (thanks Dnix!)
CSPmap v1.0 (2006-05-26)
  • added fourth wompah map layer (requested by many people)
  • added coordinate grid to the "cheat layer"
  • corrected grid terminal requirements on small map
  • installer now has complete support for Polish (thanks Dziureq!)
  • added more NPCs: Mr. Gibs, Alex Diminov, Horatio Campbell, Halle Ford, Lindalu, Enigma Trees in CAV (just for Zoopsie!), Eddie, Deidre Lux, A sapling
  • NPCs with locations confirmed: The Escaped Gargantula, R2000 Vermin Disposal Unit, Clan Modified A-4000, Colonel Frank Kaehler, The Iron Reet, Daria Marie Walzer, Mick 'Nugget' McMullet, Elian Zuwadza, General Nitrox, General Vivyan, General Kronillis, Commander Kelly Frederickson, Professor van Horn, Marcus Robicheaux, Jack "Leg-chopper" Menendez and Jack Clones, Fiery Soldier, Notum Soldier, Diamondine Soldier, Ian Warr, Patricia Johnson, Nelly Johnson, Peter Lee, Ris Lee, Otacustes (thanks go out to Metaing for help on the test server!)
  • adjusted some NPC names in Eastern Fouls Plains
  • adjusted relative location of Morty from Greater Tir County into Tir County
  • fixed mislabelled wompah arrows at Outpost 10-3 (Thanks Ms_Idoru!)
  • corrected level range of carbon rocks at Golem Island in Deep Artery Valley (thanks to an anonymous reporter!)
  • legend is finished at the bottom left of the large map
  • updated dynacamps in Belial Forest, Central Artery Valley, and Perpetual Wastelands (Thanks Shadehawk, Metaing, Superfrank, and Theglow!)
  • corrected zone wall between Omni Forest and Greater Omni Forest
  • reduced file size
CSPhelpfiles v1.0 (2006-05-26)
  • minor aesthetic changes
  • corrections to dynacamps in Belial Forest, Central Artery Valley, Perpetual Wastelands, and Varmint Woods
  • available in English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Polish!
BETA 2006-04-14 (helpfile)
  • added Rhinoman boss in Newland Desert
  • fixed a few missing coordinates
  • removed my personal comments (basically, notes to myself that weren't meant to be included)
BETA 2006-04-01 (CSPmap)
  • Completely recreated all terrain (including previously replaced terrain) to depict correct colours and give higher accuracy to the location pointer. Doing this has also incorporated all city plots and terrain changes.
  • moved zone border between Greater Omni Forest and Southern Fouls Hills to over top of the Greater Omni Forest border as there is a city plot in Greater Omni Forest that exists in the overlapping area. (before, it was an average of the two borders)
  • "cheat layer" now has a terrain background
  • small map has been replaced with new terrain and some updated info
  • corrected location of Thin Bernice; added a few more uniques
  • added PvP arena walls in Tir and Omni-1 Entertainment
  • multi-lingual installer!
2006-03-01 (CSPmap)
  • all Notum Fields have been added
  • complete terrain replacement in Broken Shores, Perpetual Wastelands, Avalon, Wailing Wastes, Deep Artery Valley, Mort, Central Artery Valley, Eastern Fouls Plains, Belial Forest, Southern Artery Valley, Borealis, and Holes in the Wall
  • LCAs in Athen Shire, #6 LCA in Varmint Wood, #8 in Belial Forest, and #3 in Broken Shores have been corrected
  • missing city controller 4D in Milky Way has been added (thank you Tepamina!)
  • more unique characters have been added; some already added ones have been pin-pointed.
  • "foggy hill" in Milky Way just north of city #2 seems to no longer exist, thus removed from map.
  • Uncle Bazzit's Workshop is labelled in Meetmedere.
  • added Rhinoman dyna boss in Newland Desert (thanks Netlager!)
2006-02-24 (helpfile)
  • LCAs in Athen Shire corrected
  • fixed spelling mistake in LCA index
  • corrected Varmint Wood LCA #6
  • 3 LCAs were mislabelled in Andromeda; corrected by editing the helpfiles and not changing the numbers already indicated on the map
  • corrected level range for LCA #8 in Belial Forest and LCA #3 in Broken Shores
  • missing city controller 4D in Milky Way has been added (thank you Tepamina!)
2006-02-01 (CSPmap)
  • Due to popular demand, the small "zoomed out" map has been replaced with an updated version of the original small map.
  • adjusted Galway Castle wompah
  • "repaired" Broken Shores so the terrain matches with the location pointer, the 2 city clusters have proper surrounding terrain, and the notum fields are placed correctly.
  • added LCA ranges to Avalon; fixed ranges in Athen Shire
  • added more unique NPCs
  • patched Aegean, Wartorn Valley, Avalon and various zone walls
  • added a missing fixer grid point in Broken Shores (thanks Alty)
  • added city plots in Stret East Bank, Omni Forest
  • added dyna-boss in Aegean (it's a tentacle mutant, but doesn't seem to have tentacle mutant mobs around it)
  • confirmed remaining city controllers; all city controllers should be on the map now.
  • added missing city controller in 4 Holes and another in Eastern Fouls Plains
  • repainted Sentinel Base in Wailing Wastes and the caves in Milky Way for greater detail and accuracy
  • almost finished adding Notum Fields; only 6 areas with notum fields are incomplete
2006-01-22 (helpfile)
  • all city controllers, all dynacamps, and all land control areas are listed!
  • added dyna-boss in Aegean
  • remaining city spots added
  • LCAs in Avalon have been corrected
2006-01-06 (CSPmap)
  • replaced small map with temporary small map. (Can't make a proper small map until the large one is completely patched)
  • confirmed many more city controllers
  • added Notum Field lvl ranges (except for Avalon because the info was wrong)
  • added "cheat" layer to the map which contains info on finding named/unique NPC's.
  • added IS (Inner Sanctum) portal in Lush Fields
  • patched Newland Desert, Newland, Newland City, West Athens, Varmint Woods, Borealis
  • added TOTW label to portal in Rome
  • corrected "Crypt of Homes" to "Crypt of Home" (thanks Ms_Idoru)
  • updated a few dynacamp boss levels that were changed in the helpfiles, but not on the map in Newland Desert
  • corrected zone walls in Wailing Wastes, Perpetual Wastelands, Holes in the Wall, Athen Shire
  • added wompah arrow in ICC to Omni-1 Trade (missed in last version)
2006-01-06 (helpfile)
  • fixed coords for 2 leet dyna camps
  • added many city spots
2005-12-20 (CSPmap)
  • added leet dyna camp in Aegean just south of Herder's Hole (thank you Virtuelle!)
  • patched Belial Forest and Stret West Bank
  • adjusted some zone borders in Tir, Aegean, Wartorn, Athen Shire, Pleasant Meadows, and a big inaccessable zone was added over the Stret river
  • finished adding wompah destination arrows and altered the colour slightly for clarity (so it's clear that they are destinations and not the place name at that location)
  • added some city locations in Stret West Bank
2005-11-23 (CSPmap)
  • finished patching Omni Forests, Southern Fouls Hills, Eastern Fouls Hills, and Pleasant Meadows
  • added Shadowland garden ruins in Wailing Wastes and Outpost 10-3 and re-coloured the RK Ergo's to the same style
  • added Research Domes 1, 2, and 3 in Belial Forest (near Wine); added Biodomes 1, 2, and 3 in Southern Artery Valley (near Outpost 10-3)
  • repainted Old Athens to reflect in-game changes
  • adjusted some zone borders in Athen Shire, Aegean, Omni Forest, Greater Omni Forest, Southern Fouls Hills, Eastern Fouls Hills, Mort, and Perpetual Wastelands
  • added city spots in Athen Shire
  • a large chunk of Newland/Newland Desert is inaccessible but between zone-able borders; it is now shaded to show this (same with the existing spot north of Upper Stret East Bank
  • zoom is a little better, but there doesn't seem to be a way to completely work around the bug in the AO client
  • minor adjustments to some labels (for accuracy) and removal of some miscallaneous labels that conflict with other more important map labels
2005-11-23 (helpfile)
  • Removed city costs as the base price and rent goes up continually and aren't reset when a city spot becomes open.
  • Various other small corrections
  • switched colours back to named constants which are found in the game's help files
2005-11-09 (CSPmap)
  • The map's name is now "CSPmap" to distinguish itself. ("UpdatedHugeMap" just doesn't cut it)
  • Patching and replacing of labels is only partially done, so there may be strange artifacts of this on the map before it's completion. Currently, patching is complete in Broken Shores, Clondyke, Galaway (including Rome), Lush Fields, and the Omni-1 cities.
  • corrected omni whompah destintion in The Longest Road
  • Shadehawk supplied me with a transparent mask of Org City Controllers. As I'm also adding the underlying city terrain to each city, I'll need to go over all of those CC's again, so I've marked them with a red outline until I can finish that city plot. Thank you, Shadehawk!
  • There's an extremely weird oversight on the border between Newland and Varmnit Woods. In the south west corner of Newland and north west corner of Varmint Woods there is a volcanic pool, but when the city plot in Newland was added to the south west corner, they removed the volcano on the Newland side. So, there is a volcano that's only visible from the Varmint Woods side. So, there's a weird half volcano on the base map that's sufficiently covered by the zone walls that hopefully it won't look too weird.
  • zone walls were corrected between Aegean and Varmint woods
  • west border walls of Newland, Newland Desert, and Mort have been corrected; additionally the north wall of Mort has been corrected
2005-10-22 (map)
  • added city controllers in Coast of Peace
  • altered colours in the "coasts" to better match the rest of the map.
  • added cities in Mutant Domain
  • began work on map legend
Initial 2005-10-19 (map)
  • added 8 missing dyna camps (6 leet and 2 rhino)
  • adjusted dyna camps that were moved to accomidate Org. cities
  • added Coast of Tranquility and Coast of Peace
  • added "Crypt of Homes" dungeon in Broken Shores
  • changed "Foreman's Office" in The Longest Road to "Omni-Tek Bio Facility" as that is the title when selecting the enterance.
  • added new Omni wompah in The Longest Road
  • marked RK Ergo's as "Ergo" as they no longer allow transport to the Shadowlands
  • added notum fields in Broken Shores
  • added AI cities in Broken Shores and Coast of Tranquility
  • added "Unicorn Landing Beacon" just north of ICC HQ in Andromeda
  • moved subway from Old Athens to West Athens
  • removed inaccessible area in Clondyke
  • temporarily removed background and legend to reduce file size by over 4MB
Initial 2005-10-19 (helpfile)
  • added 8 missing dyna camps (6 leet and 2 rhino)
  • updated to "new" helpfile system of pseudo-HTML
  • added minor graphics
  • adjusted dyna camps that were moved to accomidate Org. cities.
  • began adding org. city info for each play area; prices and rent added for Athen Shire