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Tim Tisdall

Personal Comment: Since the inception of Creative Student Productions I've seen my skills in graphic design, project management, web page design, and computer program improve. I must admit some of my improvement in those areas are due to other jobs other than CSP, but all of them contribute greatly to my effectiveness with CSP.

Work Experience

Sept - Dec 2004 Teaching Assistant McMaster University
  • Held two teaching assistant positions, one in Imperitive Programming and another in Computing Fundamentals
  • Ran tutorials, assisted students with problems, and marked assignments and tests.
April - Aug 2001 Administrative Assistant Mouse Academy
  • Maintained general financial accounting and book-keeping
  • Designed marketing material and developed the company website
  • Taught beginner computer courses (MS Office, Windows, Internet, general computer use)
Oct - Dec 2000 Automation Coordinator Elections Canada
  • Managed data entry for the creation of a voters list in the London West district
  • Provided general on-site technical support for entire office
  • Supervised a small group of 6 people
  • Dealt with high-stress situations and met deadlines early with the help of my staff.
Sept 1999 - April 2000 Student (Computer Lab) Consultant McMaster University
  • Independently supervised campus computer labs
  • Aided students with computer use (general support for software and hardware)
  • Patiently and clearly communicated with students having difficulties with campus software.


April 2004 - Honours B.Sc. Computer Science (Specialist) at McMaster University. Senior Thesis Project was one of the top projects and was selected to be presented at the annual invitational open-house at McMaster (May @ Mac).

April 2005 - B.A. Psychology at McMaster University. Completed as a second undergraduate degree.

Awards and Recognition

Mar 26, 2003 - first place at the IEEE McMaster Programming Competition IV ($300 cash prize and name on a plaque)

April 1, 2004 - third place at the IEEE McMaster Programming Competition V ($100 cash prize)

May 8, 2004 - asked to present senior thesis project to prospective students at "May @ Mac"

Personal Portfolio

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