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NAPS: Not Another Port Scanner

Screen shot of NAPS running in Windows 2000 Screen shot of NAPS running in Windows 2000 with Java "look and feel".

NAPS was developed as part of our final year computer science thesis at McMaster University. The progam monitors a set of network computers and visually represents each machine's status. It was developed completely in Java, but unfortunately Java is not able to send ICMP packets (Java security issue) so the program had to make use of the local OS's ping. As such, the program was designed to work with Windows, Linux, and Sun Solaris. The program also makes use of SNMP and contains an MIB browser.

The entire development cycle was eight months. This included the project proposals, proof of concept, design phase, implementation, documentation, and testing. No further work has been done to the program since graduation and no further development is planned. You can download a copy of the program for personal use, as well as view the user manual and other documentation on the NAPS webpage.

Project Members: Nick Merizzi, Matt Picheca, Paul Paszynski, Tim Tisdall

One Rich Fool's Official Web Page Update

Screen shot of One Rich Fool's web page This is a screen shot of the page when it was being maintained by CSP.

One Rich Fool had changed since we first developed their webpage and was in need of a new look for their webpage to better match their latest album. The cover of the album is visible in the screen shot of one of the webpages.

Unfortunately, CSP no longer maintains the One Rich Fool webpage, so clicking the sample thumbnail will give you a static picture of one of the pages which is representative of the general site's design.

Project Members: Tim Tisdall

Masonville Community Church's Information Brochure

MCC Brochure (inside) MCC Brochure (outside) Here is an unprinted version of the pamphlet showing the inside(top picture) and outside(bottom picture). Lines were added to show where the crease lines would lie.

Masonville Community Church liked our previous logo design for them so they came back to us to design an information brochure about their church. In general, they wanted a brochure that visitors could take home with them to learn about the different ministries they could get involved in within the church.

Being a smaller church, one of the concerns was to keep the cost of the brochure down to a minimum without compromising quality. In order to meet that need, we designed the brochure with only two very common inks. As you can see, the finished result looks full-colour in that it doesn't look like it requires any other colours.

Project Members: Tim Tisdall

One Rich Fool's Official Web Page

Not only does the page look great(Oh yeah!!) but it works great as well. Dial up or high speed, it dosn't matter it works every time in not a long time. My thanks to the staff at [CSP's old URL]. Killer Job! Jonathan Adams, One Rich Fool
Screen shot of One Rich Fool's offical web page This is a screen shot of the finished page.

One Rich Fool came to us looking for a simple webpage to help keep their fans informed and to help get the word out about their band. They weren't expecting anything fancy and were looking more for functionality. We out did ourselves on this one and ended up with a very professional eye-catching design. We also used our programming expertise to install a discussion forum and designed another program to allow the band members to post concert dates and events.

We tried to keep the relative design simple to allow users to quickly get to the information they want. All the different sections can be quickly accessed from any page through the five buttons along the top. As well, the band can be contacted on any page by clicking on a "contact us" button along the left side (this was important for the band for venues to contact them for performances).

Project Members: Tim Tisdall

Masonville Community Church

Our church had been looking for a logo design for at least four years but continually came up frustrated by the designs that were being proposed. Satisfaction was accomplished when the project was put into the hands of Tim Tisdall (CSP Productions). It was a logo that comunicated the heart of our church in a contemporary and relevant way. Thanks again for the great work! Pastor Jon Korkidakis, Masonville Community Church
MCC full-colour logo MCC Bulletin (example of logo being used in B&W) The top picture is of the completed logo in full colour. The bottom is a scanned-in example of the black and white logo being used on the church's bulletin.

Masonville Community Church had been in existance for about 2-3 years and still didn't have a logo they could call their own. Up until they received a logo from us, they had been using some simple clip art as their logo.

Through the design process, samples were sent to the church's pastor (and he in turn sent the samples to other leaders of the church) and changes were made to better suit the needs of the church and also to project the kind of image they wanted.

Project Members: Tim Tisdall

Millennium Sports Productions

I feel that CSP created for me, a pro looking letterhead and logo design that should intrigue prospective associates. If you are looking for a big look in a small business package, certainly inquire here. Ron St. Clair, Millennium Sports Productions
Millennium Sports Productions' Business Card Millennium Sports Productions' Letterhead / Stationary Millennium Sports Productions' Return Address Mailing Labels At the top is the completed business card with the new design. In the middle, there is a sample of the stationary design with the letter head. Lastly, the bottom picture shows what the mailing labels looked like.

Ron St. Clair came to us looking to update his company appearance and something that described his field of work better. Previously he had been working as a freelance announcer for OHL games and motor sports. Now he had a company name and was looking to become an announcer for an NHL team.

Ron had told us to incorporate "announcing" and "hockey" in some way into the company logo. As you can see below the finished project turned out very well.

Finally we incorporated the final logo and lettering design into a business card, letterhead-stationary, return address mailing labels, and audio cassette labels.

Project Members: Ian Perry, Tim Tisdall

Successful Mediation Services

[I] certainly have been very impressed with CSP professionalism and attention to detail Marsha Farnand, Successful Mediation Services
SMS business card SMS Pamphlet (inside) SMS Pamphlet (outside) At the top is the SMS business card with the new logo design. The second and third picture is an unprinted version of the pamphlet showing the inside and outside respectively.

Successful Mediation Services came to us looking for a logo design, business cards, and a pamphlet design. SMS already had some concept of what they were looking to have included in the pamphlet, but Creative Student Productions was able to take those ideas to realization. We utilized the company's motto of "Your Link to Success" as a theme to unify the designs.

We were able to bring a design to SMS that they were pleased with by getting input from them as the product progressed.

Project Members: Chris Freeman, Tim Tisdall

Will Cornish's Resume and Portfolio

CSP has done a wonderful job on my web page. Thanks to CSP my resume and musical work are now out on the world wide web. Thanx guys. Will Cornish, Graduate of Music Industry and Arts Program
Screen Screenshot of Will Cornish's resume webpage Here's a link to the webpage: Will Cornish's Webpage

Mr. Cornish came to us needing to advertise some of his exploits and experience on the web. He is a graduate from a Music, Industry, and Arts program and would like to use the Internet as a way to present his portfolio to future employers.

On this project Mr. Cornish provided us with some pictures, music samples, and information to include in his "web resume". We did some editing on the photos that were provided and unified the pictures and the information into one eye pleasing page. We were also able to provide him with the server space for a very low price.

Project Members: Tim Tisdall

McMaster University's Psychology Society

I can't thank you enough, the website is awesome!! Joe Camilleri, President of the McMaster Psychology Society
screenshot of Psych Society web page This is a screen shot of the page when it was being maintained by CSP.

The focus of Creative Student Productions is essentially to gain experience. This was the primary focus on this project as it was for a small organization that didn't have the funds to pay a professional designer for such a project. Also Creative Student Productions maintained the site for two years after its initial creation. (We no longer maintain the site now)

Project Members: Tim Tisdall

McMaster University's African Caribbean Association

We are thoroughly impressed with your website and we recommend you without reservation. Neville Boney, President of the African Caribbean Association
screenshot of African Caribbean Association webpage This is a screen shot of the page when it was being maintained by CSP.

The president of the ACA came to us looking to create a web page to keep the association's members informed of upcoming events. We worked with Neville Boney (president of the ACA) to ensure that the web page met his requirements. The site was also maintained and updated by CSP with new events and information.

Project Members: Tim Tisdall